London 2012 Raises Bar on Sustainable Games

With the opening ceremony of the London Olympics and the first of the games now underway, an estimated 600,000 visitors from around the world are expected to attend the 27-day event.

David Stubbs, head of sustainability for the Games, said new standards were set in making sustainability a more sophisticated part of the event. He pointed to considerations in catering such as food supplies, which are mostly sourced in the U.K., and diversity of choices in menus as an area that has “never been considered before.” Stubbs hopes that the Games, lauded as the greenest ever, will create “a legacy of knowledge” that future games could benefit from, ranging from its post-games waste reporting to sustainbility practices on catering.

Q: Much has been said about London 2012 being the greenest Olympics. Is it?

A: A lot of people are saying that but let’s look at this from a sense of continuum. If you go back 20 years, the Olympic movement was just starting to think about green issues. The world moves on and it’s only right that we should be raising that bar, to develop sustainability to a much more sophisticated part of the Games. I feel London has picked up that challenge and we’ve delivered sustainability on the vision we set out. We’ve set a number of new standards and not doing it from a competitive sense but more from the view that it’s the right thing to do and also, part of the evolution of putting on a world event.

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