Hamilton Lane’s Kramer on Compelling Fund Strategies, Winning the Transaction Fee Battle

Andrea Kramer, a managing director responsible for oversight of Hamilton Lane’s global fund investment group, spoke with Sabrina Willmer about compelling fund strategies, the fundraising market and the political climate. Hamilton Lane offers advisory services and separate account management.

Q: What fund strategies are most compelling at the moment?

A: If you look back five, six or seven years, LBOs were the most targeted area of focus for us. Today after the downturn and looking at types of opportunities geographically as well as strategies, it is a mix. We are very concentrated investors. We are focused on the best performing opportunities but that doesn’t always mean for us one strategy. We are valuebased investors and focus on managers that add significant value. When we think about where potential growth is coming from, it is in emerging markets. We are focusing on lower end mid-market focused firms and J-curve mitigation such as credit strategies and secondaries.

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