Sustainability’s ‘Behind the Scenes,’ Hilton Says

Many hotel guests prefer their accommodation to have environmentally-friendly practices, though few vacationers are willing to “dramatically change their behavior” in the name of sustainability, said Paul Brown, president of brands and commercial services for Hilton Worldwide Inc.

Brown said Hilton is maintaining its luxury brand while curbing energy use, investing in renewable power and cutting water consumption “behind the scenes” without impacting guest experiences.

The Blackstone Group LP-owned hospitality company rolled out a web-based system dubbed LightStay in 2008 to track metrics including energy, waste and water across some 3,900 hotels in 91 countries.

Q: Do luxury and sustainability conflict in any way?

A: Not in the way we’re approaching it. The way we are approaching sustainability is to take steps to reduce consumption as much behind the scenes as possible. A lot of customers see environmental sustainability as important to them and they would like to do business with companies that are doing the right thing from a sustainability standpoint. A significant minority of guests are willing to dramatically change their behavior in a hotel in the name of sustainability.

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