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Bloomberg BRIEF is a new publishing division of Bloomberg L.P. focused on high quality, electronic newsletter products, providing unique data, commentary and analysis from the premier source of data and analytics in the financial world. Bloomberg Brief currently publishes 18 market leading newsletters.


  • There are over 265,000 subscriptions to the Briefs.
  • 100% opt in or paid circulation.
  • Briefs have only ONE advertisement, providing 100% SOV*
  • No other product provides niche sector targeting to Bloomberg terminal users.
  • The Briefs have superior editorial quality, data and coverage than traditional newsletters.
  • Newsletters are published daily and weekly. Fast turnaround and short lead time for inclusion.

Readership spans U.S., Europe and Asia.

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*Hedge Funds and Municipal Market now carry 2 ads per newsletter providing 50% SOV to our unique audience.

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