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    McDonald’s Says Americans Fishing for Answers on Seafood

    Overfishing, global warming and pollution are having detrimental effects on the world’s oceans, according to scientists. McDonald’s Corp., the world’s largest restaurant chain by sales, announced last week that it has taken steps to address that. By February, it will be the first national restaurant chain to sell sustainable fish certified by the Marine  Stewardship Council in over [...]

    BA Is Backing Biofuels Now to Meet 2020 Goal

    Even if an emissions deal forged by members of the International Civil Aviation Organization does not take effect until 2020, the industry is already set to cut carbon dioxide, said Jonathon Counsell, head of environment at British Airways. The industry is “massively incentivized” to improve efficiency as it’s effectively paying a price for its carbon-dioxide emissions, he said, with fuel costs at over [...]

    Greek Solar PV Installations Are Likely to Shrink in 2013

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    Middle East’s Budding Youth Need Green Jobs

    The United Arab Emirates and other Middle Eastern countries are seeking to diversify their fossil-fuel-based economies as a way to secure future jobs for the region’s burgeoning youth population. Click here to continue reading.

    Clean Energy: Delta Says Biofuels Will Become ‘Necessary’

    There needs to be a “global solution” to curbing aviation emissions, not one supported by a single country or region, said Ken Hylander, senior vice president for corporate safety, security and compliance at Delta Air Lines Inc. Continue reading here.

    Global Grant Funding for Carbon Capture Reaches $14Bln

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    BSkyB Promotes Green, Considers Ad Conflict

    Media outlets that champion the fight against climate change still run advertisements for products and services that may worsen the problem, and this discrepancy should be addressed, said British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc. “It’s a complex issue and it’s one we’re going to have to work through as an industry,” said Fiona Ball, the company’s head of environment, adding BSkyB is partnering with others [...]

    U.K. Energy Decisions Have to be ‘Bottom Up’

    The upcoming Energy Bill from the U.K. government will embody the “certainty and confidence” businesses need to invest in the nation’s power infrastructure, said newly-appointed energy minister John Hayes. The long-awaited legislation, which will be published in weeks, is expected to offer stable prices for low-carbon electricity through feed-in tariffs with contracts for difference. The aim is to provide investor clarity for clean [...]

    Puma Is Moving Past Unsustainable Leather

    Sneakers made of suede, rather than comparable synthetics, cost more to the environment but less to shoe brands, said Jochen Zeitz, chairman of Puma SE, Europe’s second-largest sporting-goods maker. The greenhouse gas emissions associated with raising and slaughtering cattle for the production of leather increase greatly its environmental impact. Zeitz said sustainable leather-like materials are currently not available in large enough volumes to [...]

    New Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment in Clean Energy

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