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    Sustainability’s ‘Behind the Scenes,’ Hilton Says

    Many hotel guests prefer their accommodation to have environmentally-friendly practices, though few vacationers are willing to “dramatically change their behavior” in the name of sustainability, said Paul Brown, president of brands and commercial services for Hilton Worldwide Inc. Brown said Hilton is maintaining its luxury brand while curbing energy use, investing in renewable power and [...]

    More ‘Dirty’ Energy Is ‘Mission’ Failure: GEF

    Naoko Ishii, the newly appointed chief executive and chair of the Global Environment Facility, likes to cite the 1:10 rule when asked about the impact of the grants that GEF provides. “$1 billion from us leads to $10 billion impact, as co-financiers step in,” she said in an interview from her office in Washington, a city she moved to after resigning as the [...]

    McDonald’s to Take Bite Out of Beef Emissions

    Energy is “the big kahuna,” for McDonald’s Corp., the world’s biggest restaurant chain, said its sustainability vice president, Bob Langert. With the fast-food restaurant’s global annual energy bill estimated at $2 billion, it’s looking at all sorts of ways to trim that check. In the U.S. for example, McDonald’s is putting up LED lighting in its stores that could save approximately $2 million operationally, [...]

    Demand for High Voltage Export Cables Set to Reach a High in 2018

    China to Add 70 GW of Wind Capacity During 2011-2015

    It aims to add 160 gigawatts of total renewable capacity in that time. From 2012, 34 gigawatts a year is required. Wind and solar will likely overshoot the target for 2015. Click here to view graph.

    Siemens Says It’s In Demand for Debt, Equity

    Germany’s Siemens AG, best known for its engineering and industrial products, also has a financial services arm that accepted 6.3 billion euros ($8.8 billion) of new business in 2011. At a time when European economies and their banks are struggling to escape from recession, developers of wind farms and solar parks are asking manufacturers like Siemens and General Electric Co. to become anchor [...]

    ADB Mulls Clean Energy

    Asian countries still have some way to go in overcoming barriers to the development of renewable energy, said Asian Development Bank’s Pil-Bae Song, chair of the Manila-based lender’s energy committee. High initial costs, technological risks and inadequate regulatory and policy frameworks are hurdles to growth in the region, Song told Clean Energy & Carbon Brief. [...]

    Developed Asia, Latin America Blame Climate Change on Humans

    UPS Says Cost of Green Energy Still a Challenge

    United Parcel Service Inc. said investing in 2,500-plus greener vehicles and smarter logistics helped its drivers cut fuel and carbon emissions, as they delivered around 15.8 million packages each business day last year. The world’s biggest package-delivery company said it supports the development of jet-engine biofuels while it aims to reduce emissions from its airline by 20 percent by 2020, compared with 2005 [...]

    GE Sees Trillions of Dollars in Eco-Business

    General Electric Co. has a $1.5 trillion-a- year opportunity in front of it, said Mark L. Vachon, vice president of “ecomagination,” the company’s signature environmental strategy. The world’s largest maker of power-generation equipment recently announced it made $21 billion in revenue last year from “green” products through its ecomagination program. “The overall portfolio grew well [...]

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