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    EXCLUSIVE: Freescale Evaluates Term Loan Repricing

    Freescale Semiconductor will evaluate whether to reprice a term loan when the cost of doing so drops in September and may refinance bonds next year as it seeks to further cut interest costs, said Treasurer Steve Goel. Click HERE for more.

    China’s Fragile Financial System

    China’s bloated financial sector has become a major risk for the global economy. A surge in credit, running almost unchecked from 2009 through 2013, has left banks overextended. Compounding the problem, a thinly capitalized and lightly regulated shadow banking industry accounts for a growing share of lending. China’s leaders Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang face [...]

    Second-Lien Loan Boom Belies Risk

    Click HERE to launch interactive feature.

    China’s NPC, Malaysian Rate, Australian Trade

    China’s National People’s Congress continues into its second day with Finance Minister Lou Jlwel scheduled to give a press briefing at 9 a.m. Click here to view the entire article.

    China Debate: Prasad vs Pettis on the Future of China’s Growth

    Bloomberg Brief invited two leading China academics to discuss whether far-reaching reforms can maintain growth in the world’s second-largest economy at its current pace. Eswar Prasad says that expansion can continue at 6 percent to 7 percent, while Michael Pettis argues that rising debts and high costs of reform mean a sharp slowdown is inevitable. Click here [...]

    Yuan and Yen Outlook for 2014 Challenge Consensus

    A strengthening Chinese yuan and weakening Japanese yen mean Asia’s two major currencies face sharply contrasting fortunes in 2014. China’s yuan is set for a strong year. The currency ended 2013 at 6.05 to the dollar, increasing 2.9 percent annually. In 2014, the yuan will rise to 5.98 by the end of the year, according to the median forecast of economists in [...]

    China’s Reform Push — Long Term Benefits, Short Term Costs

    China’s renewed commitment to reform and run of positive data buoyed investor confidence in the year ahead. Mounting structural challenges and a drag on growth from policy shifts may temper optimism. Click here to continue reading.

    China’s 2014 Monetary Policy to Target Credit Control

    Taming bulging credit, not price pressure, will probably drive China’s monetary policy in 2014. Price data for November shows inflation remains muted. The consumer price index rose 3 percent from a year earlier, down from a 3.2 percent gain in October. Click here to continue reading sample article.

    China’s reform Push Likely to Dent Growth in 2014

    BIG PICTURE COMMENTARY BY TOM ORLIK, BLOOMBERG ECONOMIST China’s renewed commitment to reform and run of positive data has buoyed investor confidence for the year ahead, though mounting structural challenges and a drag on growth from policy shifts should temper optimism.                   Click here to continue reading [...]

    Economics Asia Supplement: China’s Reform Plan

    Below is a link for Bloomberg’s “China’s Reform Plan,” a collection of commentaries, compiled by the editors of Bloomberg’s Economics Asia and China Briefs, that showcases the responses of leading analysts and academics to key elements of the country’s reform package. To view the supplement, click the link below. Inside: A Bloomberg Brief analysis [...]

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