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    Proportion of Analysts Bearish/Neutral/Bullish on Yen

    Traders Most Bullish on Wheat, Bearish on Coffee

    Rising Food Prices Likely Mean Headline CPI Bottomed in July

    South Korea, Malaysia Most Exposed to U.S. Drought

    Consumers across the globe will feel the effect of higher food prices caused by the worst U.S. drought since the 1950s. The United States is the world’s largest exporter of corn and wheat, and is the third largest exporter of soymeal. Accordingly, corn prices have risen 26 percent this year, while wheat prices have increased 36 [...]

    Ask Tom Keene

    Listen to our Exclusive Podcast Here>> Tom Keene is an editor-at-large at Bloomberg News and host of “Bloomberg Surveillance,” Bloomberg’s morning program where the day’s conversation on economics, finance and investment begins. Keene can be heard on “Bloomberg Surveillance” starting at 6 AM/ET across Bloomberg Television, Radio, and Bloomberg’s devices for mobile and tablets. [...]

    Fed QE May Spur Risk Rally, End Global Easing Cycle

    Rapidly decelerating global inflation will likely lead to more extensive easing by the world’s central banks as policy makers appear to be adhering to a de facto global inflation target-range of between 2 percent and 4 percent. Another round of easing in the U.S. may end the burgeoning easing cycle, leading to another risk rally [...]

    Templeton’s Mobius on the Fed, EMs and China (Weekly Q&A Feature)

    Mark Mobius, executive chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, spoke to Scott Johnson about Operation Twist, privatization in emerging markets and the path of Chinese stimulus. Q: Should the Fed have done more than extend Operation Twist? A: No, I think they’re just feeling their way. You must remember that Bernanke has never really taken [...]

    Cash-Rich Companies Offset Weaker Demand for JGBs

    Japan’s corporations — like their U.S. counterparts — are hoarding large amounts of cash. This may be masking underlying weakness in demand for Japanese government bonds from their biggest buyers — the country’s citizens. Once the Japanese and global economies start to recover and companies reduce their cash holdings, the country could find itself mired in [...]

    Singapore’s Deposit Surge Signals Safe-Haven Status

    Bank deposits are flooding into Singapore, an indication of the city-state’s rising status as a safe haven for global, especially European, investors. Foreign currency deposits held in Singapore banks increased by 43 percent year-onyear in March compared with singledigit growth only eight months before and a slight contraction one year earlier, according to Monetary Authority [...]

    China Asymmetrical Cut May Spur Growth, Reform

    The rapid slowdown in China may place policy makers between a rock and a hard place as they try to engineer a soft landing without derailing long-term growth. An asymmetrical cut to lending rates that leaves deposit rates unchanged may be their best option. Read more here>>

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