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    QE Monitor

    The Bank of England completed its 375 billion-pound bond-purchase program yesterday while the Federal Reserve committed on Sept. 14 to spend an additional $40 billion a month in addition to the $2.35 trillion it has pumped in since 2008. The banks’ purchases account for about a quarter of U.K. GDP and 16 percent of U.S. GDP, [...]

    Central Bank Monitor

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    Euro Loses Pillar of Support vs Dollar as Central Banks’ FX Reserve Growth Slows

    FX WATCH COMMENTARY BY Da vid Powell, Bloomberg Economist The sharp slowdown in the accumulation of foreign-exchange reserves by the People’s Bank of China has removed a pillar of support from the euro versus the U.S. dollar. The Chinese central bank reported over the weekend its holdings of foreign currencies rose to $3.29 trillion in September from $3.24 trillion [...]

    U.S. Q4’12 Economic Overview

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    Keene’s Corner

      Jim Glassman, senior economist, JPMorgan,talks to Tom Keene and Ken Prewitt about the unemployment problem and whether it is cyclical or structural.   Q: This appears to be the third year in a row that the economy looked pretty good in the early part of the year and then stalled out in the second [...]

    Fed’s QE3 May Signal Commodities, Equities Rally

    As the U.S. Federal Reserve prepares to embark on another round of special asset purchases, investors looking to the past may see opportunity. The Fed’s first two rounds of quantitative easing helped kick start rallies in global asset classes including stock markets and commodities. Since March 2009 the central bank has purchased approximately a net [...]

    Daily Economic Preview Video

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    Emerging Markets to Benefit From Receding ‘Permarisk’

    The global economy continues to be trapped in a sense of ‘permafrost’ – subpar, yet positive, growth – even as policy makers are taking more decisive action to ease the feeling of ‘permarisk’ that is characterized by a fear of tail risks, or a state of longstanding heightened risk in which investors fear something very wrong may be about to happen. This reduction [...]

    Special Supplement: Fiscal Cliff

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    U.S. Fiscal Cliff and Debt Primer

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