Expect Regional Ripples, Not Global Waves, From China Selloff

August 25, 2015

  A collapse in China’s markets signals a failure of regulation, not a crisis of growth. That’s bad news, but it shouldn’t keep global investors or policy makers up at night. There’s nothing new about China market shocks. The Shanghai Composite Index tumbled far further in 2008 than it has

Colombian Peso Leads Currency Declines as Crude Falls

August 24, 2015

Colombia’s peso led global declines Friday as oil, the nation’s biggest export, tumbled on concern that a slowdown in China’s economic growth will reduce demand for the commodity. The peso plunged 1.5 percent to a record low 3,107.65 per dollar at the close in Bogota, extending its weekly loss to

Housing Starts Eye Post-Recession High

August 18, 2015

Housing starts and permits will provide the first hard data on housing activity in July. An at-expectations print of a 0.5 percent rise to an annualized rate of 1,180,000 would return starts to near their post-recession high, last seen in April. After last month’s large increase, revisions to the June

Canada Election Special

August 7, 2015

Canadians head to the polls on Oct. 19 for the 42nd time in the country’s history. Prime Minister Stephen Harper faces the fight of his political life, with his Conservatives neck and neck in the polls against the left-leaning New Democrats and the centrist Liberals. This special issue of Bloomberg Brief examines the issues,

‘Lucky’ Lobsters Jamming China Flights Send U.S. Costs to Record

August 4, 2015

YUNITA ONG AND LYDIA MULVANY, BLOOMBERG NEWS Every Sunday for the past seven months, about 60,000 live North American lobsters packed in wet newspapers and Styrofoam coolers make the 18-hour flight to Asia in a Korean Air Lines Co. cargo plane. The 7,500-mile (12,000-kilometer) trip from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to

Millennial, Gen X Minorities Regret Student Debt Most: Pew

July 30, 2015

Black and Hispanic Americans regret their student loan debt more than their white counterparts, a new Pew Charitable Trusts report finds. When you dig into their education and labor market outcomes, that makes a lot of sense. About 51 percent of black and 52 percent of Hispanic millennial and Generation X student-loan

Here’s Where the Commodities Meltdown Will Hurt the Most

July 28, 2015

STEVE MATTHEWS, BLOOMBERG NEWS The Bloomberg Commodity Index is trading at a 13-year low and has plunged 61 percent since its peak in 2008, as of yesterday. That matters in states like Wyoming, Louisiana, Texas and Nebraska. The map below shows the 10 states with the greatest exposure as measured

Aging U.S. Population May Curb Retail Spending

July 21, 2015

An aging U.S. population may result in reduced demand for retail goods as seniors shift spending from shopping to leisure activities and health care. The number of people in the U.S. aged 65 to 74 will increase rapidly during the next decade. By the end of 2050, this demographic is