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    Deal Offers Reprieve as Congress at Odds With White House Over FDA User Fees

    by Brian Rye, Bloomberg Government The recently enacted Ryan-Murray budget deal removes user fees paid to the Food and Drug Administration from the threat of sequestration for two years, but the automatic budget cuts set to resume in fiscal 2016 will include these user fees. The Ryan-Murray budget deal, H.J.Res. 59, which President Barack Obama [...]

    Growing Costs of ACA Place Burden on Small Entities

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) may create about 129 million hours of paperwork, according to government estimates compiled by Sam Batkins, director of regulatory policy at the American Action Forum. This will cost almost $32.3 billion. To put the paperwork hours in context, it would take more than 64,000 employees working 2,000 hours annually to [...]

    NXP Puts Debt Cuts on Hold, Targets Shareholders

    NXP Semiconductors, the electronics maker whose debt load decreased more than peers since 2010, is favoring share buybacks and dividends rather than reducing obligations, said CFO Peter Kelly. Click HERE for more.

    Newly Presented Data May Change Hematology Treatment

    Dr. Gary Schiller, Director of Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplantation at UCLA, said that there were many data presentations at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual event that have the potential to change the way patients are treated — particularly in lymphoid malignancies.   Read more >>>

    Demand For Biotech IPOs Cooling

      The high demand for health-care IPOs may be starting to cool off after the number and volume of deals hit a new 12-year high earlier this year. After a strong start to the year, health-care IPOs hit some market resistance last month as several companies postponed plans to go public, an analysis showed last [...]

    Biotech Issuers Face Pricing Pressure in November

    by Elizabeth Krutoholow   Health-care IPOs hit some market resistance last month. In November, seven biotech companies postponed their initial public offerings citing poor market conditions. According to Bloomberg data, other offerings have not been postponed in 2013 prior to November and only four have been withdrawn.   Read more >>>

    Large Pharma Favors Smaller Deals in 2013

    Two major trends have dominated the health-care M&A environment in 2013: large moves by biotech and specialty pharma companies and an increased push into the Irish market. Read more>>>

    Ambit BioScience Is Up Almost 70 Percent Since Its Offering

    by Elizabeth Krutoholow Ambit Biosciences, which set its IPO at $8 for 8.125 million shares in May, is up almost 70 percent since its market debut. The stock dropped 25 percent in the past month after third quarter earnings were announced on Nov. 6 and ahead of a lockup expiration on Nov. 11.   Read [...]

    FDA On Solving Drug Shortages

    Dr. Marta Wosinska, Director of Economics Staff at the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Over the past few years, a number of critically needed medicines have gone into short supply, adversely affecting patient care and disrupting clinical trials. A production disruption preceded virtually every such shortage. These disruptions are more likely to turn [...]

    Roche’s New Leukemia Drug Promising, Hematologists Say as They Await More Data

    by Elizabeth Krutoholow As Roche’s top-selling leukemia treatment Rituxan nears its patent expiration, the drug maker is pushing to see its newer product, GA101, step into the spotlight. Approved by the FDA on Friday, GA101, also known as obinutuzumab, is a major part of Roche’s strategy to defend its franchise from biosimilar products. An embargo [...]

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