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Cook County May Restructure Hedge Fund Investments

June 3, 2015

Tulare County Employees’ Retirement Association‘s asset allocation had a “hedge fund shortfall pending manager search,” according to a report dated May 11 that was included in back-up materials for its May 27 board meeting agenda (see “Board of Retirement Agendas 2015″). Cook County Pension Fund was scheduled for a “hedge fund structure review”

Point72, Maglan Capital, Balyasny: Returns in Brief

May 27, 2015

Point72 Asset Management, the $11 billion firm that manages the money of billionaire Steve Cohen, has gained 8.5 percent this year through the first week of May, according to the firm’s president, Doug Haynes. Haynes gave his first interview last week since joining the firm in February 2014. The firm,

On Hedge Fund Managers as ‘Society’s Lottery Winners': Opinion

May 20, 2015

President Barack Obama last week made a speech where he referred to hedge fund managers as “society’s lottery winners.” Obama’s comments came at a poverty summit at Georgetown University in Washington, where he was once more pushing to raise taxes on carried interest. He was clear to say he didn’t

KKR Presents to Alaska Retirement Board: From The Minutes

April 30, 2015

Compiled by Nathaniel E. Baker (Bloomberg Brief) — Hedge fund-specific items gleaned from public pension minutes and other similar documents, as reported in this week’s edition of Bloomberg Brief: Hedge Funds. KKR Prisma’s Eric Wolfe and Helenmarie Rodgers were scheduled to present at Alaska Retirement Management Board’s board of trustees

Are Liquid Alts Really Cheaper Than Traditional Hedge Funds?

April 29, 2015

By Nathaniel E. Baker Two weeks ago, I looked at a so-called liquid alternatives fund, pointing out that it provided neither a break on fees nor returns superior to its benchmark. But that was just one fund. What about liquid alts as a whole? A recent study by Preqin attempts

Marketers of Liquid Alts May Want to Tread Carefully on Fee Talk: Opinion

April 14, 2015

BY NATHANIEL E. BAKER Apparently the best way to combat hedge funds’ high fees and underperformance is (wait for it!) through high fees and underperformance. That at least is a conclusion one might take from last week’s story about David Bonderman’s family office backing a so-called “liquid alts” hedge fund strategy. Here’s

Exclusive Interview with Christina Alfonso, founder and CEO of Madeira Global

April 7, 2015

Christina Alfonso, founder and chief executive officer of Madeira Global, spoke with Bloomberg Brief reporter Hema Parmar about impact investing concepts. The New York-based investment adviser focuses on aligning financial returns with social or environmental objectives. It co-manages an impact investing hedge fund with Brevet Capital.Alfonso’s comments have been edited

Exclusive Interview with Peter Borish, chief strategist at Quad Group

March 31, 2015

Peter Borish, chief strategist at Quad Group, spoke to Bloomberg’s Nathaniel E. Baker about his firm and Quad Advisors, its new hedge fund accelerator program. Borish, 55, a founding partner at Tudor Investment Corp., joined New York-based Quad Group in 2013. Click here to read the full interview. Click here to take a complimentary 30

Returns in Brief

March 17, 2015

The Bloomberg Brief Hedge Funds Newsletter provides weekly snapshots of performance data and year-to-date returns. Sample charts from this week’s issue are below.     Click here to take a complimentary 30 day trial of the Bloomberg Brief Hedge Funds Newsletter.

Hedge Funds Podcast-2/17

February 18, 2015

Editor Nathaniel Baker on Bloomberg Radio discussing the latest hedge funds news. Click here to listen.