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    WTI Crude Oil Breaking Out From Recent Narrow Range

    A string of technical signals came together to time a breakout of WTI crude from its recent narrow range. Click here to continue reading sample article.

    OPEC Agrees to Maintain Crude-Production Cap

    OPEC, content with current oil price levels, agreed to keep the group’s crude output ceiling unchanged at least until June even as Libya, Iran and Iraq plan to increase exports in coming months. Click here to continue reading sample article.

    Illinois Bonds Rally After State Pension Fix

    Illinois municipal bonds are set to rally from near-junk yield levels after lawmakers passed measures to help fix the worst-funded U.S. state pensions. Click here to continue reading sample article.

    ECB Set to Stay on Hold as Inflation Seen Slower

    The ECB will keep its policy rate at 0.25 percent today, according to all 60 economists surveyed by Bloomberg, after last month’s 25 basis-point cut. The central bank may maintain a downward bias toward monetary policy as staff forecasts are likely to revise lower their 1.3 percent inflation estimate for 2014 and reveal forecasts for 2015. Click here [...]

    Jobs Report May Show Modest Gains With Low-Wage Bias

    Friday’s November nonfarm payroll report should mirror the modest increase in third-quarter output with job gains near the six-month average of 190,000. The Bloomberg consensus forecast is for 185,000 new jobs created. While gains near the six-month average will continue to slowly bring down the U.S. unemployment rate, the majority of jobs are still being created in the low-paying service sector. Click here to [...]

    Boyd Hopes for Fed Aid to Call Bonds in 2014

    Boyd Gaming may try to lower the cost of some of its $4.3 billion in debt in 2014 if the Fed continues its bond-buying programs that are keeping interest rates low, according to CFO Josh Hirsberg. Click HERE for more.

    Biotech Issuers Face Pricing Pressure in November

    by Elizabeth Krutoholow   Health-care IPOs hit some market resistance last month. In November, seven biotech companies postponed their initial public offerings citing poor market conditions. According to Bloomberg data, other offerings have not been postponed in 2013 prior to November and only four have been withdrawn.   Read more >>>

    Europe Money Fund Reform Lags on Capital Buffer Debate

    Controversy surrounding European money-market fund (MMF) regulation means political agreement isn’t likely until mid-2015. Regulators are trying to strike a balance between overseeing MMFs and allowing them to continue to be viable. Issues that remain to be resolved include a proposed capital buffer and pressure to align proposals with U.S. reforms. To continue reading, click [...]

    Joe Mysak Weekly Commentary – Jefferson County

    Inside Energy Future’s Capital Structure

    Click HERE for more.

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