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    Total Statewide Municipal Debt Per Capita vs Working Age Per Capita

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    ECB May Pursue QE Policy Amid Slowing Inflation

    The European Central Bank will probably be forced to ease monetary policy again as inflation decelerates. It may eventually choose to conduct a policy of quantitative easing. Click here to continue reading sample article.

    Euro-Area Consumer Confidence May Rise for 12th Month

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    Fast China Growth Unlikely Even With Reform Efforts

    The Chinese economy is like a bicycle. Ride at an unsustainably high speed and the bicycle will spin out of control. Move too slow and the bicycle will lose momentum and topple over. In the previous week, investors, made impatient from the speculation and the anticipation over the Communist Party plenum, reacted with disappointment at the indefinite wording of the initial communique. Yet, changes in the existing policy regime [...]

    Propane Boom Pits Exports Against Home Heat

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    Ambit BioScience Is Up Almost 70 Percent Since Its Offering

    by Elizabeth Krutoholow Ambit Biosciences, which set its IPO at $8 for 8.125 million shares in May, is up almost 70 percent since its market debut. The stock dropped 25 percent in the past month after third quarter earnings were announced on Nov. 6 and ahead of a lockup expiration on Nov. 11.   Read [...]

    Freescale Targets 10.125% of 2016 for Buybacks

    Freescale Semiconductor plans to repay its second-most expensive debt as the cost of doing so drops in December, said Steven Goel, the company’s treasurer. Click HERE for more.

    Technically Trading Twitter Using Pivots, Candle Sessions

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    U.S. Rate-Tied Sales Tumble to Four-Year Low

    Monthly sales of structured notes tied to interest rates fell to an almost four-year low last month as issuance of securities that pay a fixed coupon plunged. Banks sold $223.2 million of U.S. rate-linked notes in October, about half the total from a year earlier and the lowest sales since January 2010, when Bloomberg started [...]

    Economics Asia Supplement: China’s Reform Plan

    Below is a link for Bloomberg’s “China’s Reform Plan,” a collection of commentaries, compiled by the editors of Bloomberg’s Economics Asia and China Briefs, that showcases the responses of leading analysts and academics to key elements of the country’s reform package. To view the supplement, click the link below. http://www.bloombergbriefs.com/files/Chinas_Reform_Plan-PRINT.pdf Inside: A Bloomberg Brief analysis [...]

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