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    Ripple Effects From Government Shutdown to Last Until May

    Since the U.S. government shutdown came to an end on Oct. 17, attention has turned to its potential lasting effects on the economy. A consensus emerged early on of output losses, but data from our global survey of finance professionals suggest a more nuanced picture. Click here to continue reading sample article. Please note full access is available to subscribers.

    Detroit Awaits Ruling on Bankruptcy Eligibility

    Detroit’s bankruptcy trial ended Friday without a ruling from the judge on whether the city can remain under court protection. Following more than eight hours of arguments by nine lawyers in federal court in Detroit, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes said he will issue a ruling after the city and its opponents file legal briefs this week about how labor law may [...]

    U.K. Inflation, Fastest in EU, May Have Slowed in October

    Click here to view sample article.  Note, subscribers have full access to this data each day.

    FDA On Solving Drug Shortages

    Dr. Marta Wosinska, Director of Economics Staff at the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Over the past few years, a number of critically needed medicines have gone into short supply, adversely affecting patient care and disrupting clinical trials. A production disruption preceded virtually every such shortage. These disruptions are more likely to turn [...]

    Toll Brothers M&A Loans Delay High Grade Hopes

    Toll Brothers is postponing a rise to investment grade by borrowing $1.7 billion to make an acquisition and refinance debt due next year. Click HERE for more.

    Philadelphia Considers TIF District for Hotel

    Philadelphia wants to create its first blight-fighting district in eight years, financed by a type of municipal debt for which sales have dwindled to a fifth of the pre-recession pace. Click here to continue reading sample article.

    Investors Should Expect Major Distortions in Jobs Report

    Friday’s U.S. October nonfarm payrolls report will show major distortions due to the recent government shutdown and seasonal increases in state and local government hiring linked to education. The result will probably be a below-trend pace of hiring for the month and an increase in the unemployment rate. Click here to continue reading sample article.

    ECB Seen Leaving Policy Rate Unchanged Today

    The ECB will keep its policy rate at 0.5 percent for a sixth month today, a Bloomberg survey shows, even after inflation slowed to 0.7 percent in October. The bank on average makes a rate change at about 20 percent of its meetings. March and December have been the most popular months for changes, coinciding with the release [...]

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