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    Bloomberg Brief Leveraged Finance Video Introduction

    Double B Credit Trades Closest to High Grade Since June 2007

    Investors are demonstrating their eagerness to own dollar junk bonds by pushing yields to the least relative to high-grade debt since before the credit crisis. Click HERE for more.

    Aviation Biofuel Push Must Be Shared: United

    Advancing the development of aviation biofuel should be a shared responsibility between airlines and various industry stakeholders – not one that should rest solely on the world’s airlines, said Jimmy Samartzis, United Continental Holdings’ managing director of global environmental affairs and sustainability. Click here to continue reading.

    Roche’s New Leukemia Drug Promising, Hematologists Say as They Await More Data

    by Elizabeth Krutoholow As Roche’s top-selling leukemia treatment Rituxan nears its patent expiration, the drug maker is pushing to see its newer product, GA101, step into the spotlight. Approved by the FDA on Friday, GA101, also known as obinutuzumab, is a major part of Roche’s strategy to defend its franchise from biosimilar products. An embargo [...]

    Top 100 declared holders of largest U.S. notes

    Special issue free download. We looked at who owns the largest U.S. SEC-registered structured notes, according to the most recent public filings. We examined the 1,000 biggest notes for each year from 2010 to 2013. We found $1.73 billion of declared holdings for 409 securities. The holdings in the table below are based on notional amounts of [...]

    Structured Notes Need Fed as Stocks Drive Yields

    Structured-note investors in the U.S. are more dependent than ever on stimulus from the Federal Reserve as securities tied to stocks are poised to make up the highest percentage of sales in at least four years. Banks this year have sold $26.2 billion of securities, including reverse convertibles, that mimic the gains and losses of [...]

    Municipal Market Q3 StatBook – Free Download

    The Statbook will download automatically at the end of the video. You can also download the PDF via the Resources tab. Enjoy.

    Miami-Dade Voters Consider Hospital Taxes

    Voters in Florida’s most-populous county will decide next week whether to pay higher taxes and sell a record $830 million of debt for their flagship public hospital to help it prepare for Obamacare. Click here to continue reading.

    Nonfarm Payrolls Revisions Foreshadow End of Hiring Cycle

    September’s nonfarm payrolls report showed 148,000 jobs were created, versus expectations of 180,000, a negative surprise of 32,000 jobs. Meanwhile, the prior month’s payrolls were revised up to 193,000 from 169,000, an increase of 24,000. Click here to continue reading sample article.

    Symmetry Analysis Suggests Further Downside Ahead for Brent

    Brent crude has been choppy during the past two years making it difficult to rely on popular technical indicators. While traders may typically choose to avoid a chart like Brent, the Geometric Rectangle annotation tool in Bloomberg can help define some lines, parameters and symmetry within a challenging, range-bound market. Click here to continue reading sample article.

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