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    SEC Money-Fund Rule Target Said to Be Narrowed

    U.S. securities regulators have narrowed the target of new rules for money-market funds, according to a person familiar with the matter, limiting changes to a smaller set of funds than many executives anticipated. Click here to continue reading.

    Electronic Note Services Face Regulatory Hurdles in U.S.

    Here’s page 1 of the Structured Notes newsletter this week: Electronic platforms for selling notes that have been popular in Europe are having more trouble catching on in the U.S., because of different regulations. Inside: We take a look at a new species of note, South Korea’s “king crab” securities, and a Swiss bank starts disclosing [...]

    Bloomberg Brief Bankruptcy Index

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    Specialty Pharmaceutical Revenue Growth Driven by Niche Demand

    by Andrew Berens, MD, Senior Healthcare Analyst, Bloomberg Industries   Increasing demand in niche therapeutic areas has driven 11 percent revenue growth among specialty pharmaceutical companies during the last five years. The sector has benefited from new product launches, fresh income streams from label expansions and entry into diversified geographical markets. Mergers and acquisitions has [...]

    FSB Members Late on Swaps Rule Implementation

    Of the 19 Financial Stability Board member jurisdictions, none were able to meet the Group of 20’s end of 2012 deadline to fully implement over-the-counter derivatives market reforms, according to a report from the FSB’s OTC derivatives working group (ODWG). Click here to continue reading.  

    Bloomberg Orange Book

    Watch our exclusive video introduction and access this week’s Orange Book with our compliments.

    SocGen, HSBC Rise in Global Note Sales as UBS Drops

    Page 1 of this week’s Structured Notes newsletter: There’s been a league table shakeup, as banks such as JPMorgan and Societe Generale have seen growing note sales (excluding the U.S. market), while volume for other issuers has sharply declined. Inside: How structured note holders contributed to the price drop in gold, and what one lawyer [...]

    ‘Omnichannel’ Strategy Helps Boost Top-Line Sales, Says Macy’s Lundgren

    In what has been a tough retail environment, Macy’s appears to be weathering the storm. The stock is up more than 14 percent year-to-date, outpacing the broad U.S. stock indexes and slightly better than the S&P 500 retail industry group. Kristin Bentz, executive director of PMG Venture Group, recently sat down to speak with Terry J. Lundgren, chairman, chief executive officer and president [...]

    Biotech Company Owns Clinical Trial Property Held by CRO

    By Jason M. Brocks, Legal Analyst,Bloomberg Law A recent U.S. District Court decision emphasizes the importance to research sponsors and contract research organizations(CROs) of understanding the terms set out in their agreements, particularly those terms relating to the responsibilities of each party upon termination of the arrangement. Pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies that sponsor [...]

    Bank-Deposit Data May Reveal Extent of Cyprus Panic in March

    Today’s euro-area bank-deposit figures for March may highlight the extent of the bank run in Cyprus even as a proposed deposit levy on savers was dropped after lawmakers refused to implement it. Greek’s deposit-growth rate turned positive for the first time in three years in February. Four nations experienced a drop in deposits on a year-over-year basis in February: [...]

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