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    Kansas Considers Pension Obligation Bond Sale

      Kansas, which dedicated casino proceeds to pension relief last year, is considering another gamble as lawmakers debate borrowing $1.5 billion to bolster the nation’s 11th-weakest state retirement plan. Click here to continue reading.

    Fees on U.S. Notes Tied to Stocks Climb to 3-Year High

    What we’ve got on our front page this week: Fees on U.S. structured notes tied to equities are at a three-year high. Inside we’ve got more on fees (a table and a few charts), after doing an analysis of all the fee-paying U.S. notes since January 2010. Also in this issue: China moves closer to [...]

    Banking Crisis, Bailout of Cyprus Unlikely to Be Repeated for Malta

    Crisis Watch by David Powell, Bloomberg Economist Comparisons between the dangers posed by the banking systems of Cyprus and Malta appear to be  misplaced, though the rapid expansion of the Maltese financial sector has the potential to someday become a problem. Click here to read the full article.

    U.K. Banks Seen Avoiding Share Sales on Review

    U.K. banks including Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc and Lloyds Banking Group Plc may avoid the need to sell new shares to bolster their balance sheets after the Bank of England used more lenient rules than those advocated by European regulators. Click here to continue reading.

    Litigation Restricts Cash-Poor on U.S. Biosimilar Path

    By Asthika Goonewardene, Pharmaceuticals Equity Research Analyst, Bloomberg Industries The cost of allegations that process patents may have been infringed under a biosimilar application may deter small generic developers from pursuing approval through the 351(k) pathway, which was specifically set up for copies of cheaper biologic drugs. The FDA created an abbreviated pathway for generic [...]

    ‘Whale’ Trades May Renew Push-Out Rule Support

    The U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee report on JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s London Whale trade may have given new life to a controversial provision of the Dodd-Frank Act, known as the swap push-out rule. Click here to continue reading.

    Cyprus Crisis Outcome Primary Focus for Week Ahead

    The European Central Bank’s threat to cut off Cyprus’s access to the Emergency Lending Facility (ELA) on Monday will be the main focus of investors early next week. Cypriot lawmakers begin debate today on legislation to unlock bailout funds and prevent a financial collapse. The Cyprus bank holiday is scheduled to expire on Tuesday and a failure to reach terms [...]

    Investors Shrug Off Puerto Rico Downgrades

    Puerto Rico, on the brink of being cut to speculative grade, is rallying the most in a year as investors bet that the 11-weekold administration of Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla will mend the commonwealth’s finances. Click here to continue reading.

    Banks Tie More CLNs to Companies Than Governments

    Our page 1 this week: Global sales of credit-linked notes this year are basically flat, but what’s being sold is more often tied to corporates than sovereigns. And inside: The leading structured product sellers according to the latest Greenwich Associates survey, Bill Pang on Toyota’s issuance plans for the future, and sales of U.S. notes [...]

    Additional Data May Clarify Boston’s Watchman Mixed Results, Chances for Approval

    Compiled by Michael Manns, Senior Equity Analyst, Jason McGorman, Equity Analyst, Bloomberg Industries and Elizabeth Krutoholow Additional data on Boston Scientific’s Watchman device may provide clarity on mixed results from the Prevail trial. A preliminary analysis of how effective the device was after 18 months yielded varied results as the study met one of two [...]

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