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    Banks Tie More CLNs to Companies Than Governments

    Our page 1 this week: Global sales of credit-linked notes this year are basically flat, but what’s being sold is more often tied to corporates than sovereigns. And inside: The leading structured product sellers according to the latest Greenwich Associates survey, Bill Pang on Toyota’s issuance plans for the future, and sales of U.S. notes [...]

    Additional Data May Clarify Boston’s Watchman Mixed Results, Chances for Approval

    Compiled by Michael Manns, Senior Equity Analyst, Jason McGorman, Equity Analyst, Bloomberg Industries and Elizabeth Krutoholow Additional data on Boston Scientific’s Watchman device may provide clarity on mixed results from the Prevail trial. A preliminary analysis of how effective the device was after 18 months yielded varied results as the study met one of two [...]

    JPMorgan Report Ignites Debate on Bank Size

      JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s efforts to hide trading losses, outlined in a Senate report yesterday, may ignite debate over whether the largest U.S. bank is too big to manage and ratchet up pressure on CEO Jamie Dimon to surrender his role as chairman. Click here to continue reading.

    ‘Steepener’ Notes Stage a Comeback in the U.S.

    Take a look at our page 1 this week: U.S. notes that allow investors to profit from a steepening of the yield curve surged in January and February. Also inside this issue: Our exclusive, don’t-miss-it table on electronic platforms — who’s doing what, with lots of details. Plus, a look at the Japanese structured notes [...]

    U.S. Leveraged Loan Underwriter Ranking

    CLO Spreads at Record Lows Fuel Leveraged Loans

    CLO s paying the lowest rates in five years are being snapped up by investors, providing the fuel that’s contributing to the biggest surge in corporate buyouts since before the financial crisis. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

    Biogen’s Recombinant Factors for Hemophilia May Provide Breakthrough for Patients

    by Elizabeth Krutoholow   Biogen’s hemophilia drugs may provide a breakthrough for patients by offering protection against bleeding with fewer infusions than standard agents, Dr. Jerry Powell, a hematologist with the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center said in an interview.   These drugs will compete against currently marketed recombinant factors like Baxter’s Advate and Pfizer’s [...]

    SEC on Track to Exceed Adviser Exam Goals

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations has completed more than roughly 40 examinations of new investment adviser registrants with more than 80 underway since the end of last year, according to Andrew Bowden, deputy director of OCIE. Click here to continue reading.

    Sales Surge of U.S. Structured Notes Tied to Euro Stoxx 50

    Check out the first two pages of the newsletter this week: Euro Stoxx 50 notes were snapped up last month by U.S. investors. Inside the full version: BX Berne scraps a plan to go head to head with Scoach in trading of structured products and Edward Rogers talks about demand for notes in Japan.

    Free Sample: Oil Buyer’s Guide

    Bloomberg Brief will soon be launching a new title: Oil Buyer’s Guide. You can download an exclusive sample here. To take a trial or for subscription information please contact: Annie Gustavson Bloomberg Briefs agustavson@bloomberg.net 212-617-0544

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