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    Vanguard Says Doesn’t Have to Go to Debt Market

    Vanguard Health Systems has no definitive plan or need to access the debt markets, said Phillip Roe, the company’s executive vice president, CFO and treasurer, responding to speculation by analysts that it may need to issue to cover a spending gap. The company has significant liquidity to fund its operating needs and committed capital expenditure needs, Roe said in a telephone interview [...]

    Dish Seen Falling to DirecTV as Growth Stalls

    Dish Network Corp.’s stagnating growth is increasing the pressure on Chairman Charlie Ergen to combine with rival DirecTV, 10 years after a failed attempt. Ergen said this week that the two largest U.S. satellite-TV providers “have to consider” a deal, potentially joining a rush of consolidation in the telecommunications, cable and satellite-TV industries that has already topped [...]

    ECB Rate Cut on Agenda as Draghi Abandons Recovery Talk

    ECB President Mario Draghi abandoned talk of a recovery for the euro-area economy and hinted a debate about a rate reduction has been reignited. That move may materialize as soon as January. Draghi switched from talking about “economic growth” to “economic activity” in the second paragraph of the introductory statement of the monthly press conference. Yesterday, he said: “Economic [...]

    Automation Rule for Exchanges to Be Revisited

    Codification of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s so-called automation review policy, or ARP, program is attracting more attention as a next step to strengthening market technology rules for exchanges and clearing agencies. The voluntary ARP program, which most market centers already treat as mandatory, has long deserved revisiting in the form of a mandatory set of rules, according [...]

    Increasing Asset Correlations Not Reflected by Banks Reporting Higher VaR Diversification

    U.S. Owners of Mexican Factories Anticipate Peso Depreciation

    Silver Users Cut Hedges Before Price Declines

    Californians Grow Weary of Revolt, Vote Taxes

    With the passage of the first voterbacked statewide tax increase in eight years, Californians sent a clear signal they are tired of failing schools, gridlocked roads and the deterioration over the past decade of the state’s reputation as a standard bearer. They approved Proposition 30, 54 percent to 46 percent, taking a step away from the legacy of Proposition 13, the 1978 initiative [...]

    Apple Set to Rise to Second Most-Used Underlying

    Sales of U.S. structured notes tied to the share price of Apple Inc. climbed to $1.47 billion this year, on the verge of overtaking the London interbank offered rate as the second most commonly linked underlying. Investors bought $357.2 million of notes in 104 offerings tied to the world’s most valuable company in October, the biggest sales month since January 2010, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That compares with $19 [...]

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