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    Investors Seek Complex Indexes to Beat Stocks

    Indexes that sometimes use complex strategies are attracting more interest from U.S. structured note buyers looking to diversify investments and beat this year’s stock gains. Investors bought $662.8 million of U.S. securities tied to proprietary bank indexes this year through Dec. 6, up 5 percent from the same period a year earlier, according to data [...]

    U.S. Note Sales Poised for First Rise in Three Year

    U.S. structured note issuance is poised to gain for the first time in at least three years, propelled by securities tied to stocks as the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index soars to record highs. Banks have sold $37.6 billion of the securities through November, compared with $37.1 billion over the same period last year, according [...]

    Sales of Callable Stock-Tied Notes Soar in U.S.

    U.S. investors are buying a record volume of equity-tied structured notes that may be redeemed early, betting that stock values at an all-time high will keep rising. Banks sold $8.62 billion of callable U.S. securities tied to stocks this year, 39 percent more than a year earlier and the most since at least January 2010, [...]

    U.S. Rate-Tied Sales Tumble to Four-Year Low

    Monthly sales of structured notes tied to interest rates fell to an almost four-year low last month as issuance of securities that pay a fixed coupon plunged. Banks sold $223.2 million of U.S. rate-linked notes in October, about half the total from a year earlier and the lowest sales since January 2010, when Bloomberg started [...]

    Top 100 declared holders of largest U.S. notes

    Special issue free download. We looked at who owns the largest U.S. SEC-registered structured notes, according to the most recent public filings. We examined the 1,000 biggest notes for each year from 2010 to 2013. We found $1.73 billion of declared holdings for 409 securities. The holdings in the table below are based on notional amounts of [...]

    Structured Notes Need Fed as Stocks Drive Yields

    Structured-note investors in the U.S. are more dependent than ever on stimulus from the Federal Reserve as securities tied to stocks are poised to make up the highest percentage of sales in at least four years. Banks this year have sold $26.2 billion of securities, including reverse convertibles, that mimic the gains and losses of [...]

    Real-Tied Notes Gain as Brazil’s Currency Surges

    Individual investors are buying record amounts of bullish U.S. structured notes tied to the Brazilian real, the best-performing currency against the dollar over the last two months. Banks from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to Deutsche Bank AG sold $73.5 million of securities that gain when the real appreciates against the dollar, according to data compiled [...]

    Sales of Notes Tied to Default-Swap Indexes Jump

    Structured notes tied to credit-default swap indexes are selling at a record pace as investors seek lower-volatility alternatives to stocks and as corporate defaults in Europe decline. Nordea Bank AB, SEB AB and Societe Generale SA led $1.7 billion of issuance this year, a 35 percent increase from all of 2012, according to data compiled [...]

    BofA-Tied Notes Lead Single-Stock-Linked Jump

    Sales of U.S. structured notes tied to Bank of America Corp. have soared this year as issuance of securities linked to a single stock increases, with investors accepting higher volatility for potentially greater gains. Banks sold $259.2 million of notes tied to the Charlotte, North Carolina-based lender this year through Oct. 4, more than five [...]

    Note Sales Tumble in Europe, Asia on Rules, Fed

    Third-quarter sales of structured notes in Europe and Asia fell to the least in more than a decade as all but two of this year’s 10 largest issuers saw a dropoff. DZ Bank AG, this year’s top seller of the securities, issued $3.42 billion in the three months, about half of the $6.76 billion sold [...]

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