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    Sales of Notes Tied to the S&P 500 Fall on Volatility

    Our front page this week: Low volatility of the S&P 500  is depressing issuance of notes linked to the benchmark. Inside: Sales of notes that mirror the bets made by the “London Whale” are increasing; uridashi note issuance in Japan is climbing because of early redemptions caused by rising stocks; Thomas Layton of Raymond James [...]

    Fees on U.S. Notes Tied to Stocks Climb to 3-Year High

    What we’ve got on our front page this week: Fees on U.S. structured notes tied to equities are at a three-year high. Inside we’ve got more on fees (a table and a few charts), after doing an analysis of all the fee-paying U.S. notes since January 2010. Also in this issue: China moves closer to [...]

    Banks Tie More CLNs to Companies Than Governments

    Our page 1 this week: Global sales of credit-linked notes this year are basically flat, but what’s being sold is more often tied to corporates than sovereigns. And inside: The leading structured product sellers according to the latest Greenwich Associates survey, Bill Pang on Toyota’s issuance plans for the future, and sales of U.S. notes [...]

    ‘Steepener’ Notes Stage a Comeback in the U.S.

    Take a look at our page 1 this week: U.S. notes that allow investors to profit from a steepening of the yield curve surged in January and February. Also inside this issue: Our exclusive, don’t-miss-it table on electronic platforms — who’s doing what, with lots of details. Plus, a look at the Japanese structured notes [...]

    Sales Surge of U.S. Structured Notes Tied to Euro Stoxx 50

    Check out the first two pages of the newsletter this week: Euro Stoxx 50 notes were snapped up last month by U.S. investors. Inside the full version: BX Berne scraps a plan to go head to head with Scoach in trading of structured products and Edward Rogers talks about demand for notes in Japan.

    Deutsche Bank, UBS Shift Note Issuance to SPVs Ahead of Basel Rules

    Here’s our page 1 for the newsletter this week: Banks trying to meet stricter Basel rules on capital holdings are moving structured note sales off their balance sheets. Also inside the full version: why South Korea is displacing Hong Kong and Singapore as an Asian leader in note sales, and details from an SEC letter [...]

    Structured Notes, Feb. 21 Edition

    Libor-tied note sales surge in February in the U.S. on the strength  of a $250 million offering from Morgan Stanley. Check out our front page this week.

    Morgan Stanley Climbs to #1 in U.S. Issuance for January

    Here’s our page 1 this week for Structured Notes — Morgan Stanley is the No. 1 issuer in the U.S. for the first time since August 2011, Incapital sues employees they say resigned after stealing proprietary secrets, and Swapnil Pawar talks about why he’s bullish on the India market.

    Structured Notes: Equity-Tied Notes Dominate Sales

    Will there be a “great rotation” out of credit into equity, and how will that play out in the structured note industry? Our lead story this week is on our front page, which you can view here.

    Yield Hunt Lifts Rate-Tied Sales From 12-Year Low

    Interest rate-linked structured notes, which had their worst month for sales in December in almost 12 years, are making a comeback with investors seeking higher returns as corporate bond yields near record lows. Click here to continue reading.

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