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ETF Open Interest Volumes Offer Deeper Insight Than Fund Flows Alone

July 30, 2015

BY GREG BENDER, CMT, EXECUTION SPECIALIST, BLOOMBERG TRADEBOOK Tracking fund flows has become big business as ETFs make up a growing slice of the market. Tracking fund flows into the equity options market by analyzing changes in open interest adds another layer of information. Traders often pile into a stock’s

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Retail ETF Rises on the Back of Lower Gasoline Prices

December 8, 2014

BY GREG BENDER Both WTI crude oil and unleaded gasoline moved sharply lower at the beginning of October. One of the beneficiaries of the lower energy prices is the retail sector. The theory, broken down to its simplest form, is that Americans are being given a raise, in the form of lower prices at the pump, just

Technical Strategies

March 6, 2014

The S&P 500 technology sector index appears to be setting up for a bullish year and a number of technical indicators suggest the sector may soon be ready to assert market leadership. Read more…

S&P 1,500 Sector Divergence Suggests Investors Seeking Protection

February 6, 2014

Analysis of each of the 10 S&P sectors relative to the S&P 1,500 Composite index shows that the market leader on almost all time frames, from three years down to the last three months, has been the health-care sector, shown in green on the chart at right. The discretionary sector,