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    Dubai General Index Rally Likely to Continue After Correction

    The Dubai General Index, up about 38 percent year-to-date, is no stranger to volatility with previous swings both up and down varying from 20 to 40 percent. The breadth of the recent trend, along with other technical indicators, suggest that after a brief period of short-term weakness the rally could proceed substantially higher. Click here to continue reading sample article.

    S&P 500 Index Resistance Area May Provide Clues to Next Move

    The recent rise in the S&P 500 appears to have completed a bearish rising wedge on the 60 minute chart right at the confluence of major resistance levels on the daily chart. The 1420-1425 resistance zone should be watched closely for clues to the next important directional move. To continue reading please click here

    Volume Surge Suggests Bullish Move Ahead for Egyptian EGX30 Index

    Simple pattern and volume analysis suggest a potential bullish primary trend reversal in the Egyptian EG X30 Index. After prolonged bear markets, volume is often a key indication of recovery. Typically, a bear market doesn’t end until market participants are discouraged by losses and uninterested in equities. It is at this point that selling pressure is exhausted. When strong volume finally accompanies a move higher, [...]

    Commodities Secular Bull Market May Last Another Five Years

    While gold and other commodities have outperformed over the past decade, it may not be too late to invest in them. Based on the duration of prior long-term trends, it appears likely the bull market for commodities and commodity-linked assets will last at least another five years. As the dot com bubble burst at the turn of the millennium it marked [...]

    Ratio Between Defensive, Cyclical Stocks Suggests Market Bottoming

    Over the last 18 months U.S. equity markets have seen a rotation into defensive stocks. While this rotation typically coincides with bear markets for equities, it has this time coincided with a rally for the S&P 500. The index is up more than 7 percent since May 31, 2011. Meanwhile, the relationship between cyclical and [...]

    Gold, Presidential Cycle, Suggest U.S. Stock Rally Nearing an End

    The S&P 500 index has recently broken above its March and April highs, extending the rally that began at the end of 2011. During this time, the price of gold has declined, making lower highs, while the S&P has risen, making higher lows. More recently, the two have broken to the upside together, a sign the relationship between equities and gold has [...]

    European Stocks Find Resistance as Summer Momentum Wanes

    European stocks are now finding technical resistance following a surge that began earlier this summer. In the Aug. 29 edition of Technical Strategies {NSN M9J7IX6JIJV6<GO>} Paul Ciana noted that statistically the month of September brings with it a propensity for market declines and increased volatility. A number of technical observations suggest the Euro STOXX 50 index may face a test as summer draws to [...]

    Historical Patterns Suggest Volatile September, October

    The month of September is notorious for large equity market declines and volatility. October is no picnic either. In 1929 the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 9.7 percent in September, kicking off the October crash. In September 1930, the Dow fell almost 15 percent, and in 1931 about 31 percent. In September 1974, the Dow fell 9 percent, completing a fourmonth slide of 29 [...]

    Increasing Correlation of Gold, S&P 500 May Reverse Before QE3

    Recently there’s been an increase in correlation between gold and the S&P 500 index. While this may be partly explained by investor expectations for imminent stimulus from the U.S. Federal Reserve in the form of a third round of quantitative easing (QE), a breakdown of that correlation may be needed before the Fed undertakes action. Looking at the chart, at right, gold has been overlaid [...]

    Brazillian Bovespa Breaks Out in Multiple Time Frames, Projects Higher to 64,000

    The Brazilian Bovespa has broken above its intermediate term resistance of 57,071 as of the close of trading on Aug. 10, according to three TAS Professional indicators. The move confirms the slight break of resistance the prior week and the bullish signal from the TAS Pro Navigator. The top chart also shows a double distribution of volume over the last five [...]

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