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Bloomberg Brief Clean Energy and Carbon the newsletter that delivers unparalleled coverage of the clean energy and carbon markets. Each week Bloomberg’s editors and economists deliver expert news and analysis, so that you can make business decisions with confidence. This is a “must read” for the busy professional with concise summaries of all need-to-know clean energy & carbon news and proprietary data. Every issue is rich with in-depth analysis for when you need a deep-dive into a topic.

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A “must read” for clean energy & carbon market professionals:

  • >>Emissions & Power Market Traders
  • >>Financial Institutions
  • >>Corporate Sustainability Executives
  • >>Energy & Utility Companies
  • >>Energy & Emission Policymakers
  • >>Anyone affected by environmental legislation & carbon markets.

In every issue:

  • Clean energy & carbon market news
  • Policy & science news
  • Carbon market commentary
  • Project financing, M&A, venture capital & private equity
  • Exclusive interviews with executives & policymakers
  • Corporate sustainability initiatives
  • Clean energy & commodities indexes