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Bloomberg BRIEF Economics Asia is a new, groundbreaking daily publication written by six leading economists providing a clear, concise snapshot every morning of all the key regional economic information with proprietary data, charts and commentary, all for a fraction of the cost of providing it in-house.

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anyone whose business is affected by major economic market trends:

  • >>Portfolio Managers
  • >>Traders
  • >>Analysts
  • >>CEO's

In every issue:

  • Valuable insight and independent analysis from our renowned economists who've spent decades on Wall Street including Richard Yamarone, Michael McDonough, Tamara Henderson, David Powell, Niraj Shah and Joseph Brusuelas.
  • Proprietary data and commentary that gets beneath the numbers with eye catching charts.
  • Guest columnists from top-tier firms.
  • One-on-One Compendium - a collection of exclusive interviews