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About Briefs

Briefs provide clients an easily digested curation of Bloomberg news and data built using terminal functionality on specific, narrow topics. Briefs provide information that is directly relevant and actionable to our clients’ business, giving our readers (a hedge fund professional, an economist, an oil trader) a new idea or a reason to call a potential client, and ultimately to make the terminal a key part of their success.

Who do I contact for Customer Service?

For subscription inquiries, please email bloombergnewsletters@cdsfulfillment.com or call 1-800-843-7352. For general inquiries regarding the Briefs, please email briefhelp@bloomberg.net or call 212-617-9030.

Are the Briefs mobile/tablet compatible?

Whether you use a desktop, mobile or tablet or wish to print out a traditional newsletter, the innovative new platform behind the Bloomberg Briefs provides the perfect rendering. Watch our short introductory video below to learn more. https://youtu.be/YWn-aqHtYlc

How frequently are Briefs published?

The following titles are published daily (250 issues per year)

  • Economics
  • Economics Asia
  • Economics: Europe
  • Municipal Market
  • Oil Buyer’s Guide

The following titles are published weekly (50 issues per year)

  • Hedge Funds
  • Leveraged Capital
  • Private Equity
  • Structured Notes
  • Deutschland (German language)
  • Distress & Bankruptcy
  • Sustainable Finance

The following titles are published in other frequencies

  • Technical Strategies (quarterly)
  • ETFs (every other week )
  • Reserve (quarterly)
  • Corporate Treasury (every other month )
  • Real Estate (quarterly)

How are Briefs delivered?

Bloomberg Briefs newsletters are delivered electronically via email. The email contains a link which opens the newsletter in your browser. Our responsive design platform provides optimal viewing for desktop, tablet and mobile phone devices. If you wish to generate a PDF for convenient printing, look for the “print version” button at the top right of your screen. The email is sent from brief@bloomberg.net. If you are having trouble receiving the newsletter please check your spam or bulk folders and make sure this email is on your approved sender list.

Subscriptions to the Briefs

Please see the individual Brief you are interested in for subscription details. We also offer group subscriptions which provide savings off the listed price. Call us for more information at +1-212-617-9030 or email briefhelp@bloomberg.net.

Do you offer enterprise subscriptions?

Yes. Briefs licenses are available at discounted rates for groups of 5 to 500 users. Please email us at briefhelp@bloomberg.net or call +1.212.617.9030 for more information.

Can I advertise in Briefs?

Yes, we accept advertisements in Briefs. Learn more here.

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